Providing your child with proper dental care is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. From the time a child’s teeth first erupt, it’s important that the child be provided the best possible dental care in order to keep their teeth healthy, strong and attractive.

We provide you with the information and the tools to set your child on the path to lifelong dental health. Getting your child accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly from an early age is the best way to ensure this.

Food and Diet

Frequent intakes of sugary and starchy foods, besides being a general risk factor for obesity and diabetes, also contributes to developing dental cavities.

We can help with recommending healthy habits and routines.


Any child involved in a recreational activity, such as football, rugby, hockey, skating, karate, horse riding etc should wear a mouth guard. Ask your dentist about custom made mouth guards.

Food and Diet

Cleaning and Fluoride

Preventive care such as cleanings and, if necessary, fluoride treatments provide children with 'smile' insurance. Routine dental exams uncover problems that can be easily treated in the early stages, when damage is minimal.


Dental sealants are used to protect the chewing surfaces from tooth decay, the single most common chronic childhood disease. The incidence of cavities can be eliminated or greatly reduced by applying sealants to your child's teeth.

A sealant is a clear or tooth-colored plastic material that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay occurs most often. Sealants protect normal depressions and grooves in the teeth called pits and fissures, which are particularly susceptible to cavities.


Family Dentistry