The Swedish Dental Clinic provides a full range of general dental services. All our dentists are highly skilled and passionate about general and preventative dentistry.

General dentist visits are vital for your oral health; protecting you from cavities, gum disease and oral cancers. More and more research also shows what we dentists have always known; that the mouth is indeed part of the body and that oral conditions can affect your general health in numerous ways, from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and during pregnancy etc.

Dental Visit

Your dentist will take a full health history. A full dental examination will be done to detect any problems with your teeth, gums, jaws, joints, bad breath etc. To diagnose otherwise hidden problems, x-rays may be taken.
A thorough cleaning will also be done at your regular check up (see hygiene).

General Dentistry 1

Fillings and Inlays

A large portion of our work deals with dental cavities (caries). Once a cavity sets in, fillings are recommended to stop the rot and restore the tooth.

White composite fillings can be done with only one visit to the clinic. They are comparable in strength to amalgam and can be easily fitted into smaller cavities, so less drilling is needed to prepare the tooth. This is part of our minimally invasive approach to dentistry.

Inlays are a stronger and more durable alternative to  white composite fillings, and are aesthetically superior. They are custom made by the technicians at the dental laboratory and are made of porcelain/ceramics.

Amalgam used to be the material of choice in the old days, but we at the Swedish Dental Clinic don’t use amalgam due to its mercury content, and the risks associated with this for the patients and the environment.

General Dentistry Fillings