Dental bridge

Teeth can be lost or missing due to a number of reasons; a trauma or accident, severe decay and infection or due to gum disease. There are a number of ways of replacing missing teeth, a dental bridge is one of them.
We will recommend a bridge for you if one or more teeth are missing and an implant treatment is excluded. A dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic restoration individually fabricated in the lab to restore your bite and smile and replace one or more missing teeth.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a custom made fixed restoration fabricated in the dental lab to span the space of the missing tooth or teeth. The dental crown filling the space are called pontic and the dental crowns on the adjacent teeth are called abutments. Depending on the location and the span of the bridge we will recommend the right choice of material. Highly aesthetic ceramic or zirconia bridges are used for most cases.

The point of a root canal is to remove all the infected, inflamed and dead pulp tissue in the tooth. This also involves cleaning the inside of the tooth to rid it of possible bacteria, and finally fill up the now hollow root canals.
Once a tooth has been root canal treated, a permanent white filling, inlay or crown should be done to restore the tooth completely and strengthen it.

Dental Bridge in Dubai

Why are bridges important?

Teeth depend on each other for support along the dental arch and should have teeth on the opposing jaw that bite down correctly on them. This keeps them in place and prevents them from moving. This is called a balanced occlusion. Should one or more teeth go missing, this results in the neighbouring teeth shifting and moving, most often tipping into the vacant space, trying to close the gap. The teeth in the opposite jaw also shift, trying to find a partnering tooth to bite onto. That can badly influence or even shift the bite and could lead to TMJ (temporo mandibular joint) problems. If tooth loss occurs in the visible part of your mouth the gaps obviously affect the overall smile and appearance negatively. By placing a bridge these problems can be avoided or solved by filling the spaces with these linked crowns. Bridges are high quality restorations that are very aesthetic, durable and last a very long time.

How is a dental bridge done?

  • The whole mouth is examined to make sure the solution proposed is a holistic one that will work for a long time.
  • X-rays are done to look at the neighbouring teeth as well as the gap, and a judgment is done as to whether a bridge can be done or if any other treatment like an implant is more suitable.
  • Once a bridge is proposed, the teeth that are to be used as support (the abutments) are ground down to take a specific shape
  • A super precise scan is taken using the 3shape scanner (which avoids all the discomfort of a conventional putty impression) of the whole dental arch, the opposite jaw and the bite.
  • A temporary tooth bridge is fitted to protect the teeth until the permanent bridge is fabricated.
  • At the next appointment, the temporary bridge is removed, the abutments cleaned, and the permanent bridge bonded (glued) in place.
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