Hollywood smile Dubai? We have what you are looking for!

A Hollywood smile is associated with youth, health, success and the glitz and glamour of celebrities. You can see it in movies, magazines and social media. Your cosmetic dentist at the Swedish Dental Clinic in Dubai will guide you on the way to achieve your perfect dream smile!

What is a Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood smile is a smile with perfectly aligned white teeth like pearls on a string. It can include teeth straightening, teeth whitening, veneers, Lumineers, bondings and more. Each patient is unique and so the treatment must be tailor made to fit each individuals teeth and smile. With the help of todays modern technologies and techniques, a digital smile design (DSD) can be done. This


Why is Hollywood smile beneficial for you?

  • Dark, yellow or stained teeth will be whitened or covered
  • Broken teeth or worn tooth substance will be restored
  • Crooked teeth will be aligned
  • Gaps will be closed
  • Missing teeth will be replaced
  • Lost bite height will be regained
  • All teeth will have a uniform appearance
  • All shades of white can be chosen

Hollywood smile treatment with Veneers:

  1. 1A cosmetic consultation is performed by one of our cosmetic dentists. Here the patient and dentist discuss the main concerns, so the input of the patient is very valuable.
  2. Records are taken, including x-rays, a 3shape 3D scan and photos of the teeth, smile and face
  3. A digital smile design is fabricated , this can include a photographic mock up and digital models of the final result
  4. Once the smile design is approved, a mock up of the new smile is transferred into the patients mouth which allows alterations without touching your own tooth substance. This gives the patient a "live" view of the final result.
  5. In some cases minor parts of the teeth have to be reduced according to the individual guide made after the wax up
  6. A new 3shape 3D scan is done
  7. The veneers are fabricated and finally bonded onto the teeth
  8. The Hollywood smile is complete, and the patient has a brand new beaming smile to show off!
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