Interested in getting Metal braces? Look no further

Train tracks" have become world famous, and one of the most widely used treatments for straightening teeth. No wonder, they have been around for over a hundred years!
Todays metal braces are of course not as crude as they once were, but are the first choice for many patients looking for a tried and tested way of straightening teeth and correcting bites.

What are metal braces?

They consist of stainless steel brackets which are glued onto the teeth. These stay on for the duration of the treatment, and are then removed once the treatment is complete. Metal wires are then placed into the brackets. Rubber ligatures are used to hold down the wires onto the brackets. Many kids and teens enjoy coloured ligatures and choose new colours at every follow up visit.


Why are metal braces beneficial for me?

  • They have the ability to straighten teeth and correct bite in children and adults.
  • They can close gaps
  • They can solve tooth crowding
  • They are compatible with other orthodontic modalities like removable appliances and elastics

Metal braces: the procedure

  1. The orthodontist will examine your teeth and listen to your concerns
  2. Records can be taken, such as; photos of the teeth, bite and smile. A 3shape scan will be done to make a 3D model of your teeth. X-rays may be taken if needed.
  3. Once a diagnosis and a treatment plan have been done, and the patient agrees, the treatment can start.
  4. The teeth are cleaned
  5. The metal braces are bonded onto the front of the teeth and the first wire inserted.
  6. The patient is given instructions on how to maintain the metal braces and keep them clean.
  7. Follow up appointments are done every 4-6 weeks
  8. Once the treatment is completed, the braces are removed and the teeth are polished.
  9. Retainers are given make sure the result will last as long as possible and that the patient can enjoy his/her new smile!
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