Dental Crown - Natural color to match your teeth

Crown is the common name for a restoration which is custom made in the dental lab which completely covers the existing tooth structure or implant. This treatment is done to restore the form and function and to reinforce the tooth especially by big cavities, after root canal treatment or to cover the abutment of an implant.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a prosthetic restoration which is fixed to the remaining of the tooth or an implant. In the dental lab are many different materials used to fabricate the right crown for your individual needs. The most aesthetic ones are tooth coloured, available in a lot of shades matching to your natural teeth. These crowns are done out of porcelain or ceramic. Other types are metal alloys or gold, sometimes even acrylic.

The point of a root canal is to remove all the infected, inflamed and dead pulp tissue in the tooth. This also involves cleaning the inside of the tooth to rid it of possible bacteria, and finally fill up the now hollow root canals.
Once a tooth has been root canal treated, a permanent white filling, inlay or crown should be done to restore the tooth completely and strengthen it.

Dental Crown in Dubai

Why is a crown important?

Crowns can help with:

  • Giving the tooth its form and function back after being damaged due to a fracture, or a big cavity.
  • Crowns can improve your smile by aligning your teeth , changing the colour and shape
  • They can strengthen the teeth that have had a root canal treatment, minimising the risk of further damage
  • Crowns prevent weakened teeth from fracturing
  • They are used in the fabrication of bridges, where multiple crowns are fused togother over a span, to replace missing teeth
  • Crowns are used to cover implants, giving a natural look and feel

The procedure

  1. An x-ray will be taken to examine the remaining tooth structure, the pulp and the surrounding bone.
  2. Usually a bit of local anesthesia is given before the procedure
  3. The remaining tooth structure is reshaped to accommodate the new crown
  4. Using the 3shape scanner the treated jaw, the opposing jaw and the bite are scanned and a virtual 3D
  5. model of your teeth is used to produce the permanent crown.
  6. The colour and shade of the tooth is chosen to match the neighbouring teeth
  7. A temporary crown is fixed to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready
  8. The permanent crown is custom made and is then bonded to the tooth by using a special dental resin or cement.
  9. Once the permanent crown is in place, we make sure it fits perfectly in the bite.
  10. A light polishing of the crown can be done if necessary.
  11. Now the patient can eat, chew and smile just as normal again!
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