Teeth cleaning Prevention is better than cure!

What better way to prevent gum disease, and keep your teeth clean and smooth than seeing your dentist regularly for a checkup and a cleaning.
We all have bacteria in our mouths, what is known as the oral bacterial flora.Most of these bacteria are harmless or even beneficial for our gut, but some will cause infections and inflammation, which can spread to the rest of the body.
In fact, preliminary studies indicate that good oral hygiene can lower your risk of cardiac disease and stroke. It is believed that the link between the two is due to the inflammation that occurs in both gum disease and cardiac disease.
That alone should be reason enough to schedule a teeth cleaning!

What is teeth cleaning?

The main priority of a teeth cleaning is to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar that occurs over time. Even the most fastidious brushing can, over time, lead to tartar accumulation, especially in hard to reach areas of the mouth.

Bacteria will proliferate in the unchecked plaque and cause gum disease and cavities. Dental plaque build-up will Harden over time to form tartar which can only be removed in a dentist’s chair.
After a careful examination of the teeth and gums, the cleaning can be done.

Teeth cleaning in Dubai

Why is this treatment important?

  • An importance part of teeth cleaning is to prevent gum disease and inflammation that can affect cardiac disease, stroke, diabetes and cause complications during pregnancy.
  • It can also prevent cavities by minimising the bacteria count in the mouth.
  • Early signs of cavities or other oral problems can be detected when the teeth are clean. This will save you money because it is more cost-effective to prevent dental cavities than to restore a tooth that already has signs of decay.
  • All tartar and plaque build-up is removed, leaving only your clean pearly whites to expose when smiling. This will improve your confidence in your smile.
  • It will leave you with whiter teeth and fresher breath.
  • Teeth cleaning can remove teeth stains caused by drinking tea, coffee or smoking.
  • Clean teeth make it harder for bacteria to stick to them minimising plaque build-up and tartar formation.

The procedure

  • The dentist will make a thorough examination of the entire mouth to check around teeth and gums.
  • An ultrasonic scaler is most commonly used to dislodge the tartar using high frequency and a mist of water is sprayed to wash away the tartar pieces.
  • The more tartar build-up there is on the teeth, the longer it takes to clean.
  • Once the teeth are tartar and plaque-free, an Airflow is used to spray the teeth with a special type of salt, air and water. This removes the stains on the teeth very effectively.
  • The teeth are then polished to help smoothen them and bring back the gloss and shine.
  • Dental fluoride may be used to strengthen the teeth and prevent sensitivity.

Teeth cleanings are quick and painless for most people. However, if you find it a bit uncomfortable, speak to your doctor who can then make a few modifications to make your teeth cleaning procedure as comfortable as possible.

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